A Failsafe Guide to Choosing an Internet Plan

Three phases go into choosing a good internet plan. First, you have to identify your needs and determine a budget. Next, you have to take into account where you live and research options that will work for you. The last and most important phase is getting a good deal from your internet service provider. This article breaks down what you need to do in each phase so that you can find the internet plan of your dreams.

Phase One: Determine your needs

Zero in on your internet needs. Do you use the internet to check your email or surf the web? A speed of 2 Mbps should suffice. If you’re going to be streaming high definition video content or playing video games, you’ll probably need up to 8 MBPS. Downloading large files requires a speed higher than 50 Mbps.

Phase Two: Research your options

Your internet connection depends on where you live and what options you have. Visit the website Broadband  Now to find out which internet service providers operate in your area. A fiber-optic internet service is available in large cities and provides fast, symmetrical speeds via a fiber optic cable line. Speed from a Digital Subscriber Line or DSL will depend on how far you are from your internet service provider. Cable internet delivers the internet via a cable and speeds vary depending on how many people in that zip code use the internet. Internet options for rural areas include Satellite internet and Fixed Wireless internet. Read reviews online or ask neighbors and members in your community for feedback.

Phase Three: Get the best deal

Comparison shopping is an easy way to get the best rate in the market. Use this new-found knowledge to ask the ISP of your choice to beat the lowest price from a competitor. You could also consider bundling services like phones or cable TV. This incentivizes ISPs to shave off the cost of signing up. Sharpen up your negotiation skills. Most Internet service providers are eager to acquire new customers and will consider offering their services at a reduced cost or discount. Signing up during a promotion or special deal allows you to avail of services at an unbeatable price for at least two years.