Best Phone Plans This Year

The votes are in. We’ve rounded up the best phone plan for four categories of cellphone users. This guide will help you make an informed decision and cull down the choices on the market so that you can sign up for your new phone plan as soon as possible.

Plans for Average Users

If you use between 2GB and 5GB on your phone, industry reports indicate that you might end up needing about 9GB by 2021. To meet that data requirement and not break the bank, your best bet is the Boost Unlimited Plan which costs 50$ a month. You get unlimited texts, minutes and high-speed data as well as mobile hotspot data. A cheaper but equally good alternative is T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid 10GB Plan. For $40 a month you get unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited music streaming.

Unlimited Data Plans

Single line users can opt for the affordable Boost Unlimited Plan which includes 12 GB of mobile hotspot data and unlimited minutes and texts for just $50. If you can spring for more, then Sprint’s Unlimited Basic Plan (65$ a month) offers bonuses like a Hulu subscription and 5GB of high-speed data in Canada and Mexico. However, the plan only offers 500 MB of mobile hotspot access so factor that into your decision.

Family Plans

A good family plan can save you money and give you good value for the dollar. Carriers often fall over themselves structuring these sorts of plans. However, the best of these by far is T-Mobile’s Essentials Plan. You can pay $140 or $120 a month for an autoplay discount. You get unlimited data, minutes, and text messages – a more than adequate plan for most families. A bonus we particularly like is the 3GB Mobile Hotspot access and the unlimited texting from over 200 different countries.

Prepaid Plans

The advantage of a prepaid plan is that you may often get a model or device to go with it. Boost Unlimited offers unlimited minutes, texts, and more high-speed mobile hotspot data than competitors for $50 a month. Though you can expect video streaming at just standard definition, what is unbeatable about this plan is the 12GB of mobile hotspot data.