How to Design the Best Lighting for Your Apartment

Although apartments may come with certain challenges such as minimal space or lack of natural light, they offer a great opportunity to create a customized space that reflects your personality. And when it comes to home decor, lighting is an essential component that can transform a dull and dreary space into a welcoming, vibrant home.

Here are the best lighting options to transform your apartment

Bold ceiling fixtures

A bold, captivating ceiling fixture can lead to a perception of the space being much larger than it actually is. While at the same time it can add an element of grandiose, especially when used with other lighting options, such as vertical floor lamps.

Sconces Lighting for a Powder Room

A powder room can be difficult to light elegantly owing to the confined space, often leading to the use of harsh overhead lighting which can make it feel even smaller. Sconces lighting is a great option here when used with a mild overhead light for overall balanced lighting.


Lampshades have a two-pronged effect, one as a decorative piece, and two in terms of their impact on the lighting. Make sure that the lampshade selected is allowing sufficient light into the room while at the same time complimenting the overall design of the home decor, especially during the day.

Incandescent Lighting

For the spaces where you wish to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere use incandescent lights with their warm, soft tone. These also have the additional advantage of not emitting harmful blue light that can have an adverse impact on your sleep.

Task lighting

Proper task lighting, that compliments your overall home decor and lighting design, is essential for the functionality it provides. Whether it be under-cabinet lighting for tasks on the kitchen counter, or as a bedside lamp for night-time reading.


Installing mirrors across from windows where you receive natural light can help bounce the natural light available, almost acting as an additional window.


Dimmers provide exceptional flexibility and are especially useful in spaces where you have a natural light present that needs to be balanced with artificial light as the evening progresses. They can also be used to change the atmosphere of a room instantly, creating an intimate ambiance. When installing dimmers, ensure that you select the right types of lamps for optimal effect.