Make Working From Home Work for You

With a record number of people working remotely, it has become an integral part of the ‘new normal’. While it offers some benefits such as allowing you to optimize your workspace for your needs, it also comes with its own sets of challenges such as difficulty finding the right work-life balance.

Here are 3 ways that you can make the most of working from home

  1. Get your technology in order

Technology is crucial when it comes to working from home, especially when it comes to having sufficient internet bandwidth. At the same time, working in an organized physical and digital workspace can help stimulate productivity. This includes setting up your desk to have everything you need within your grasp and possibly using a mouse and a keyboard. Whatever your workspace may be, ensure that it is welcoming and keeps you focused. Similarly, organizing your applications to serve rather than distract you, can be of great help. You can dedicate certain applications for certain aspects of your work, and decide with your team how best to utilize them. 

  1. Find a work-life balance

Although it may be exceedingly challenging and seemingly impossible, finding a work-life balance can go a long way in creating a sustainable and vibrant environment for you to work and live in. This is especially important if you are taking care of your kids at the same time, as it can also involve their education and entertainment. Setting boundaries with regards to when, and to what extent your colleagues, and your commitments at home, can expect your attention can prove to be very useful. 

  1. Address your weaknesses

Understand yourself, and build an awareness of what your weaknesses may be when working from home. This can greatly boost your productivity, mood, and overall sense of well-being while preventing you from feeling overwhelmed. If you are prone to being lethargic or distracted, dress up, and prepare yourself to go to the office to help transition into a professional mindset. Similarly, if you are not being able to switch off from work, make a conscious effort to take breaks, be it for lunch, or a quick workout. Or in the case that you feel trapped or claustrophobic, change the location that you are working from in your home through the day, and take a moment to center and relax.