Tips for an Organized and Clean Garage

Cleaning and organizing your garage can leave you with additional space that you can use as storage, to create a workshop or even as an extra room. Oftentimes though, with everything that you have accumulated in your garage over the years, it can seem like a near-impossible task. However, with these simple DIY tips you can clean your garage in a matter of days:

How to begin

First things first, set a target of organizing all the items in your garage into what you need to keep, and what you want to donate, sell, or dispose of. As this can take a bit of time and lead to procrastination, set a deadline for finishing it within two days. This is a crucial step in planning out how your garage would look once it is done. Once you have categorized all the items, donate, dispose, and put up for sale online everything that you need to.

Make the most of the ceiling

You can use the vertical space in your garage for storage to store either plastic storage bins on racks, as well as relatively lighter weight seasonal items. Another great idea is to use a pulley system to hoist your bike up when not using it. You can also use the pulley system to hoist equipment such as a kayak or even storage container.

Optimize usage of wall space

The wall space in your garage is great for storing tools, garden equipment, and other medium-sized equipment using racks. It can be even used as a mounting surface with wires and hooks to hold shelves and heavy items.

Get cabinets and shelves

Rollout shelves and cabinets having multiple smaller sections within are a great way to maximize the use of your space. They are useful for storing and organizing small items in a cataloged manner for ease of access when you need that exact nut or bolt. You can also use them to organize your workbench, or for your auto repair or woodworking tools.

Use shape specific storage

Certain items can be stored easily due to their shape. For example, you can use a slender and compact rack for storing long-handle tools such as shovels, rakes, or even a sledgehammer. Similarly, you can use a pen or a large basket to hold different types of sports gear that can easily be accessed.